Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Haiku!

Today I reach exactly 2/3 of a life in good health and content with my life.  I have a productive routine and have been recognized both for my professional work and public contributions.  It is comforting to reflect on past events and contemplate future potentials.

I just finished breakfast and, as I was washing the dishes, looking out the kitchen window,  and drinking the last of the coffee, my attention was focused on the old apple tree that Kristen and I planted so many years ago, with the help of our sons.  Now our sons are grown men and the apple tree is hanging on, each year struggling to survive.

We had to amputate a large portion of the tree this year as it just died unexpectedly.  One of the remaining branches then started leaking a clear fluid which ran down the trunk for months.  Each day the finches would fly by and drink this fluid, right in front of the kitchen window.  One day, as we watched them feast, Kristen asked me, "what do you think that fluid is?"

"Apple juice" was my instant reply, without really thinking.

Now the fluid has stopped, and the branch has seemed to heal itself.  The leaves are nearly gone and the tree is resting, waiting, and probably thinking to itself, "what season is this?"  After all, next week is predicted to be nearly 80 degrees and clear.  Perfect beach weather.

Then it hit me.  Today I expect a lot of "happy birthday" comments (thanks to Facebook).  Instead, I came up with this "happy haiku" which expresses more perfectly my emotions.  I hope you find some meaning in it, too.

Apple tree in snow:
waiting for Spring to reveal
its fruit of knowledge.


Chuck said...

Congratulations Patrick, on reaching one of life's milestones. (It's better to think of them as such rather than millstones.) There was a point in our lives (now in the 9th decade) when the "kids" were graduating and getting married and other momentous events. I had the feeling that life had become a carousel and I was looking for someone to slow it down so the dizziness would leave.

You can indeed feel grateful for the knowledge you have acquired and are passing along to others. Skills I admire and am glad to have benefited from them personally.

Thank you and many returns!

Chuck Walker

Renewable Community Power said...

Worldwide internet followers:
waiting for you to resume posting
your fruit of knowledge.