Wednesday, November 2, 2011

7 Billion People and 2 New Toothing Planes

The birth of the unknown child yesterday which pushed the world's population above 7 billion made all the news. When I was born there were 6 billion. Hard to imagine...

I would like to announce another birth. The birth of two lovely toothing planes. I received the notice from Jack Ervin by email, along with two photos. They are charming and perfect, as all newborns are supposed to be. I wish them a long and productive life.

Congratulations Jack! You should be proud.

I am attaching photos my first attempt of toothing planes. I was first inspired by your video on Woodtreks about your workbench and the maintenance of the top. What you said about flattening made more sense to me than what others said regarding the subject. When I discovered your blog and read what you had to say in general about toothing planes got me to researching how to procure one. The old tool route was there but distances away. Then I hit on the idea of using a new iron and make my own. Here is the results. The bodies are 6-1/8" and the irons (Lie-Nielsen 212 18 & 25 TPI) are bedded at 80 degrees. I laid out what seemed to be right for the mouth location and used a
large draftsman french curve for the side profile. I have used them for flattening extra figured cherry glue-up panels and will use them to maintain flatness on my bench top.

Thanks for the inspiration from the videos on Woodtreks and your blog. I visit your blog regularly and need to reply more to keep you encouraged.Your site is making a difference in a positive way at least to me.

Jack Ervin


Pedder said...

Nice planes!

(When you where born in 1948 world population was 2-3 bilion)


W. Patrick Edwards said...

When I was in Journalism I was the Editor-in-Chief and I relied on my alert copy readers to point out my errors. Now I have Spell Check to do that, however I pulled the 6 billion number out of my hat. I should have done my research.

Thank you, Pedder, for reading my blog and making the correction. It means a lot for me to get feedback and comments.

PS: Nice hand saw photo!

Anonymous said...

I just want to echo Jack Ervin's last paragraph. Of the woodworking places I visit on the World Wide Web, yours seems to speak with the most truth and experience.
Please keep relaying what you know to the rest of us.

Jack Ervin said...

I have used the planes to tooth panel glue-ups on which they perform very well. The first major use has been to clean and start to iflatten my maple work bench top which I purchased from Woodcraft many years ago. It is 24" X 84" X 2-1/4" thick. I have made diagonal passes both ways just removing high spots and finish (spent about an hour). Just this surfacing made a great improvement in the way stock holds to the surface. I will continue to refine the flattening as this is an evolving process for me.

Patrick, thanks for publishing this. I read all your posts and take something away with each blog entery, both your articles as well as the comments. Thanks to others for comments. and looking,


Jack Ervin