Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Final Delivery: Treasure Box Series II

Proud Parents in Delivery Room

If you have red this blog for some time you are aware we have been working on the series of Treasure Boxes, designed to show off our marquetry skills (and make some money!).

As I recall, Treasure Box Series I started on the drawing table in November 2011 and we made 4 copies.  Three of the series had olive, kingwood and tulip wood interiors and the forth had custom trays for jewelry made of ebony and lined with parchment.  All of these boxes were sold and paid for before they were done and the last was delivered in January 2013.

Treasure Box Series I

Treasure Box Series I was 440 X 340 x 140mm in size and I am holding one in the photo above.

We immediately started designing Treasure Box Series II and by June 2013 had the final designs, which were presented to clients and, as a result, two were sold and paid for.  We had to raise the price since the design was more complicated and the box construction was more involved, with a secret release that allowed the gilt leather writing surface to open.

Treasure Box Series II with Gilt Leather Writing Surface

We used white bone from Paris for the inlay and flowers and thanks to Don Williams were able to tint it green for the leaves.  On both the boxes we used sawn Gabon ebony which we were lucky to purchase in Paris.  This pure black wood is getting very difficult to find and we have a fairly good supply at this point.  We don't know what we will do when it comes time to replace it.

Treasure Box Series II

By the time we completed polishing the second series of 4 identical boxes, they were all sold and paid for.  We are pleased that our clients are willing to support this craft at this level, as it is not cheap to do it this way and we insist on producing an object using exactly the same methods and materials as would have been used at the end of the 17th century.  We are proud that we are making the finest examples of French marquetry in this country, as these boxes demonstrate.

Treasure Box Series II Top Design

Treasure Box Series II is 410 X 340 X 100mm and Patrice is holding one in the photo above.

Patrice Lejeune has spent a lot of time documenting the process of creating these boxes on his blog and on Lumberjocks.  You can see his post here:Patrice Lejeune Blog Post: Treasure Box Series II

I would be excited to see your comments on our work.