Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reflections Of An Old Man

Beautiful Marquetry Card from Paul Miller

Years ago, when I was much younger, these thoughts came to me as I walked home from work:

A Strong Man
           Knows when to quit.

A Great Man
           Goes beyond what is possible.

A Wise Man
            Knows his limits.
                   Paces himself.
                       And realizes his full potential in the time he has been given.

As you start another year, I would like to leave you with this "Woodworker's Blessing:"

May your chisel rest sharp.
     May your saw stay straight.
          May your plane prove true.


May your feet rest on shavings
     All the days of your work.


Anonymous said...

I like it.

Happy Holidays...

Rick Lasita said...

Great words to live by, thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Me too.

W. Patrick Edwards said...


I decided to include your beautiful marquetry card with this post. It is simple and direct. Thanks for sharing.