Saturday, March 24, 2018

Eastlake Settee Upholstery

Not Enough Springs and Badly Tied

Dead Foam on Old Cotton on Plant Fibre with Original Edge

Three Days on the Bench for Structural Repairs

More Springs Added and Tied 8 Knot Italian Cord

Original Plant Fibre Edge Back in Place with Burlap

Original Hair Stuffed Arms and Back Panels Conserved

New Horsehair Added for Seat Foundation

Burlap Covers Hair

Front Edge Stitched to Hold Hair

Muslin Covers New Seat Foundation

50/50 Cotton Batting Covers Muslin

Eastlake Sette Ready for New Century of Use


Steve said...

The scary clown faces on the seat backs would give me nightmares.

I am amazed in how many steps to make a sprung seat like that. Beautiful work.


Pasadena Woodworks said...

Can I just say what we’re all thinking?

Very glad Patrick is posting blog posts again.