Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hello. I have devoted my life to the Decorative Arts. I love to travel and have been fortunate to have studied with many experts in their fields, as well as museum curators and furniture conservators both in America and Europe. My favorite period is late 17th century, and I love English, Dutch and French works from that era.

The method used at that time was called "painting in wood" and the artist worked at an easel, or "chevalet de marqueterie", which allowed him to precisely cut the materials into delicate shapes. Tortoise shell, mother of pearl, bone and ivory, horn, brass and copper, and exotic imported hardwoods sawn into veneers were the medium of choice and the results were spectacular.

The jewel chest at the top of this blog is a piece I made using Gaboon ebony, legal ivory and 32 different species of sawn veneers. I worked over 800 hours to make this cabinet, and it sold to the first person who saw it. It has been exhibited in two museums, the Telfair Museum in Savannah and the Mingei Museum in San Diego.

I will post more of my work in the next blog. You may visit my site as well at

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Don said...

Stunning work, Patrick. Your work has always intrigued me and, someday I'll save enough to take one of your classes (I hope) and see your techniques in person.
Why didn't I see this piece in the 'Design in Wood' show at the Fair this year?
Thanks for starting the blog!

W. Patrick Edwards said...

Thank you for the kind words. I have "retired" from the Design In Wood show for various reasons. I was the Superintendent for 9 years and also have been a judge and participant as well as winning Best of Show and other awards. I felt it was time to step aside and let others get a chance to participate. The quality of the work is amazing, and I am proud to see several of my students work win awards. My business partner, Patrice LeJeune, won Best of Show this year with his marquetry.

I have several pieces that I have made and sold which are not on my website. As I find out more about posting on this blog, I will add those pictures.