Saturday, January 29, 2022

With Age Comes Wisdom

 I have not posted on my blog for nearly a year.  Not because I have nothing to post but because the activities of my life have kept me busy with work.  It has not been a couple of "normal" years and I do not need to explain why.  The most obvious result of the global pandemic is that people are spending most of their time indoors and not spending money on entertainment, restaurants, parties, and other diversions.

For me the result is that more and more pieces of furniture are being restored and I have plenty to do.

Another reason for my absence from this blog is that I reached a point where I thought I had said everything about my life that was needed to be said.  I am content with my success.  I have a wonderful personal life and cherish my few friends and I love my life partner, who has stood by me for half a century. 

I even have returned to music, which I have always enjoyed.  When I was in college at UCSD in the 1960's I was the violist in the university quartet, and played in several community orchestras.  Because I went into this business after I graduated, I neglected to play the instrument for the next 40 years.  However, a few years ago I decided to pick it up again and started taking lessons and playing in a local amateur orchestra.  Tonight we are giving a performance and I am excited to be a part of the viola section again.  Playing music is one of the most important arts that humans can create.

It is another start of a new year and with that the mind turns to reflection of the past and anticipation of the things to come.

Last night I was getting ready for bed and for some reason looked into one of the small drawers of the dressing mirror by the bed.  I found some hand written notes from a long time ago and they made me want to share them with you.  

The first line was a quote from Kahil Gibran, "The Playground of Life" (1949)

"This is life.

Portrayed on the stage for ages;

Recorded earthly for centuries:

Lived in strangeness for years:

Sung as a hymn for days;

Exalted for but an hour, but the 

Hour is treasured by Eternity as a jewell."

I was born in 1948 and read Kahil Gibran's works during the 1960's when it was popular.  I am not sure when I created my response to this quote and wrote this response, but at some point I put down my thoughts on note paper and placed it in the drawer of the dressing mirror.  Finding it last night was a special reminder of my journey and I wanted to share it here.

Our Place In The Universe

1.  Each year we celebrate the full cycle of the Earth around the Sun constantly returning us to a new place in time and space.

2.   Every month we feel the full cycle of the Moon which illuminates our nights with subconscious dreams.

3.   Each week we experience the daily activities that weave the colors and texture of the fabric of life.

4.   Every day we circle the globe in pursuit of happiness.

5.   Each hour is a new commitment and a fresh reward.

6.   Every second we stare at reality.

All of the history of Human consciousness is less than a second in the life of the Universe.

At the end of the notes I had written a quote from the Shakers:

"Live your life as though you had a thousand years to live and yet were to die tomorrow."  

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