Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Difference Makers

New Book From Marc Adams
I have been very fortunate in my life to know many of the best woodworkers in the world.  Some have become good friends.  Others are a real inspiration to me personally.  I have learned something from each of them, and I want to believe I have provided something in return.

Since I live in Southern California and most of these artisans live either on the East Coast or in Europe, it has been necessary to leave the bench and seek them out.  I enjoy traveling and have done a good bit of it.  I do miss being at work, but when I am in the workshop of another sympathetic soul I feel that I am at home.

Marc Adams has just published his latest book, "The Difference Makers."  It was expertly put together by Christopher Schwartz at the Lost Art Press.  Very high quality product.  I strongly recommend you find a copy and support Christopher in his business, as well as investigate classes offered by Marc at his school.  My previous post listed the classes I will be offering soon.

Since I have been teaching for several years at MASW I have been able to meet new friends and other professional woodworking instructors who are gathered in one location.  Although the weather in Indianapolis cannot compare with San Diego, the intellectual environment is without equal.  Marc is always busy and personally supports his teachers, providing everything they might need to do a good job.  

And he keeps the ice cream machine working...

"The Difference Makers" is a book with stories about 30 instructors that Marc selected from the hundreds of well qualified teachers he has employed over the past quarter century.  Each chapter tells the story of that person, with personal comments from Marc, and samples of their portfolio.

Here is my chapter:

Mug Shot with Satinwood Pembroke Marquetry Table Top
Second Page:

My Early Work

Third Page:

After Paris: The Influence of Pierre Ramond

Fourth Page:

Was I Ever That Young?

As I read through the contents of this amazing collection, I am humbled and honored to be included.  I am pleased to see many of my good friends and compatriots included, and look forward to meeting others when I return to MASW in future years.

In my long career I have produced several television and video programs, instructed at dozens of adult education and institutions of higher learning, published professional articles, taught students from ecole Boulle in my workshop, held classes at Marc Adams, and enjoyed hundreds of students at my school, the American School of French Marquetry.

I am a woodworker and a teacher.  However, I think I am a better teacher than a woodworker.  I may retire some day from woodworking, but I will never retire from teaching.

Hungry young minds need to be fed to grow the future.

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