Thursday, April 23, 2020

Five SAPFM Cartouche Woodworkers

Some of My Peers
This post is a test.  As you noted the last few blog posts have had their photos removed.  I do not know what caused this, but I will work to fix it soon.

In the mean time, please read older posts.  It seems that they are still in place.  This started with April posts.  Before April, 2020, all remains.  That's 10 years of material.

If you know what I can do to fix it, send me a comment, please!

NOTE:  I have solved the problem.  I deleted the images and reposted them.  Back to work.)

1 comment:

mbholden said...

Patrick, your photos are visible on all your april posts. Were when I first looked and again now, as I revisited them.
Is it possible that your upload software is only showing you placeholders for the images, and that the website publishes the image as normal?
In any case, your problem is on your end, what goes out to the world is as normal (as it gets in internetland, grin)