Friday, April 3, 2020

Hoe To Save Your Hide (Glue)

When you work in a shop for a while, things just seem to find a place and never go away.  I am always finding photos, stickers, cartoons and other stuff that I think is interesting or important at that time and I just tape them to any open space on the wall.

In September of 2008 I cut out this cartoon and taped it to the wall.  I thought it was funny and that the people in it were just plain stupid.  Turns out they were following government orders to stay indoors and prevent further infection.  I think of this cartoon every day I show up at work and turn the "open" sign around in the front window.  I am trapped in here; the street is closed.

In any event, I am working on several projects so I am not exactly bored.

Here is the video for today.  Again it was done by Fine Woodworking last year.  This one explains how to save your hot glue when you are not using it every day.  Of course, with the liquid Old Brown Glue this is not a problem.  It is guaranteed for at least 18 months.

FW Glue Video:Save Your Glue

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